Ice Sculptures Michigan

Tajana Raukar

All carvings are created by 7 time World Champion Medalists Tajana Raukar


World Championship Alaska 2001

“Leap of Faith”

World Championship Alaska 2002

“Friend or Foe”

World Championship Alaska 2003

“Graceful Predators ”

World Championship Alaska 2003

“Animal Parade”

World Championship Alaska 2005

Fourth Place

Salt Lake City 2002

Fourth Place

Torino, Italy

Food Artist

“Colorful Duo ”

World Championship Alaska 2004

“The Elements ”

World Championship Alaska 2003

Michigan’s largest manufactures of “Cinebell” sculpting blocks, we proudly offer our customers carvings created from perfectly clear ice blocks.
All of our carvings are created in-house, by 7 time World Champion, Tajana Raukar, guaranteeing your carving will arrive pristine and ready for display.
Looking for an innovative product for a special event, wedding, trade show or convention? Let us provide an elegant touch and an affordable solution.
We offer fountains, sorbets, centerpieces, bars and more.
Looking for a precise reproduction of design work? No problem! Let us create an exact replica using our state of the art computerized technology. Accurate within a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch!
Our products are dependable and have worry-free delivery, provided by a team who arrive prepared, on time and on budget. So please, bring us your dreams, and we’ll create them out of ice.
So please, bring us your dreams, and we’ll create them out of ice.
Whether it’s hand carved or computer generated, a 15′ sculpture or a 15″ carving, a public event or a private gathering. Our skill and professionalism will astound you.